Rmy International is multi national group whose roots go back to three
generations since 1962.
We were the first company in Pakistan to develop and start producting high quality Boxing and Martial Arts Protection products in 1987 and thus a new industry was born. Rmy International now literally acts as an institution for this industry. Also our products are approved by USA Boxing Assosiation and German Boxing Organizations.
Then came our involvement in the Martial Arts Uniforms business in 1989 through a joint venture with a leading producer of uniforms in Europe. Since then we have been responsible for changing local production norms by shifting to high quality machines and chain manufacturing system and by investing in high technology for pattern making and grading. Further progress is being made to develop into fitness apparel lines.
Our products are being exported all over Europe and America to the leading brands and we are helping set higher standards for personal protection and aesthetic looks. This catalogue will add a new dimension by presenting brand new developments for all major lines.
Rmy International will continue to uphold the resolve to provide the best sports equipment and promote World peace through fitness sports.

24 hours contact live Skype: rajpoot_germany

Rmy International

Sialkot,Karachi Pakistan

Tel: +92 300 7104361
Fax: +92 526 917598

Email: info@rmyint.com

Website: www.rmyint.com


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